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Info and Hints to help get more for less at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Target

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Info and Hints to help get more for less at CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, and Target

Post by wandadh on Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:33 am

What Are ExtraCare Rewards?

Rewards are called Extra Bucks that you can earn at any CVS/pharmacy store or online when you use your ExtraCare card.

How Do I Earn Extra Bucks Rewards?

Earn 2% back with every purchase in-store and online at CVS/pharmacy.
Earn 1 Extra Buck for every 2 prescriptions purchased in-store and online at CVS/pharmacy.

How Do I Get My Extra Bucks Rewards?

Every 3 months your Extra Bucks will print on your store register receipt, or visit CVS/pharmacy online to print your Extra Bucks.
Spend your Extra Bucks at any CVS/pharmacy location or online the next time you shop!

What other ways can I save when I shop in-store with my ExtraCare card?
Get instant savings on items featured in our weekly store circular ads.
Earn even more Extra Bucks on select brands advertised in our weekly ads. Your Extra Bucks will print on your receipt immediately following your qualifying purchase(s). ****You can use these like cash at CVS****

What Other ExtraCare Rewards Benefits Can I Get?
Additional special offers print on your store receipt frequently throughout the year.
Receive special savings exclusively at CVS/pharmacy when you sign up for email offers. Turn everyday purchases into college savings with Upromise .
The more you use your ExtraCare card, the more rewards you will receive.

*To redeem your Extra Bucks, the entire coupon amount must be used at one time (either in-store or online). There is no partial redemption of Extra Bucks, and no credit or cash will be given back for unused Extra Bucks. Coupons for Extra Bucks are distributed at the bottom of store register receipts for use with your next purchase.



What are Register Rewards (RR)?

• These are coupons that are printed using the Catalina machines. They are Walgreens coupons, which you can only use at Walgreens.
• They print when you buy a certain advertised item(s).

What item(s) can I use Register Rewards towards?

• If you use a RR on the same advertised item that you received this RR for then another RR will not print.
• You can use a RR on an advertised item and get another RR as long as the first RR was for a different advertised item to begin with.
• You do not have to use RR to buy just other items that give you a RR

Do Register Rewards Expire?

• Yes they do, make sure you check the expiration date, so you don’t have to throw that money (RR) away. They are good for about 2 weeks.



Target offers coupons that you may print from their website @, the coupon link is located on the left (close to the bottom). Some of these coupons are Target store coupons, so they can be stacked with a MQ.

Target offers mobile coupons. You will get this text once a month. You can sign up @ These are Target store coupons, so they can be stacked with a MQ.

Target offers many advertised and unadvertised promotions to get a Target Gift Card if you purchase a certain product or a certain amount of products. You can check this by taking your items to one of the price scanners located around the store, and scanning the bar code. If the item is prompting a gift card- it will say so right up on the screen. Gift Cards cannot be used in the same transaction you earned them, however they can be used on the next transaction. If you do more than 1 Gift Card promotion in a transaction you WILL receive all Gift Cards.

Target offers price matching. You can read the policy @

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