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Post by Laura on Fri Jul 10, 2009 6:20 pm

Guidelines for Posting:

Posting Rules:
1. Please make sure you put your freebie in the appropriate category. If it is available in Canada,UK, etc it goes in International Freebies, Coupons go in Coupons, etc and you will need to post the country name in title as well as expiration date(if applicable).
2.If it needs a SASE it belongs in Mail-In Freebies category, but please make sure you specify in the title that it needs a SASE. It is always best to have too much information in the title, than not enough. Examples of things you need to put in your title include: Print coupon, download, in store freebie, specific states available, expiration dates (if known), Teachers only, etc.
3. It is best to “try out” a freebie before you post it. So don’t just copy and paste it from another site. We don’t mind copy and pasting from other freebie forums, but please make sure the link works.
4. All posts in the freebie section HAVE to be 100% free. No shipping and handling charges will be allowed. From time to time a freebie starts out free, then after awhile they end up changing it to charge for S&H. If a post is found to contain S&H charges it will be deleted immediately. Don’t take this personally. It is the only way we can keep the integrity of this website.
5. Be sure to provide a direct link to the freebie whenever possible. It gets tiresome to have to fish through four or five pages to get to where you are going. If you want you may also provide links to the home page of the freebie, just specify that is what it is in your post.
6. Please, please, please report any dead freebies you find. We are trying to maintain at least one moderator or administrator on here at all times. However we are still new and don’t have that many people on here, so it may take awhile to do something about it. If you see you are the only person online, post in the thread that it is dead. This isn’t a requirement, but it is very helpful since sometimes it may be awhile until it can be taken care of by a moderator.
7. And last, but certainly not least….ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS search before posting a freebie. It is a simple procedure. There is a little search bar to the left of the list of categories on every page. Simply put one keyword in that describes your freebie the best. It will bring up other posts that are similar. Please do not post a freebie that is the same. If you find a freebie on here that is over a couple months old that is still good…just post in the original thread and it will bump it up to the top. State in your post that it is still an available freebie. That will keep things clean and uncluttered around here.

Posting other than freebies:
1. Hey, let’s be civil. No flaming, no insulting other members, no personal attacks, and no hateful posts. If you don’t like what is being said, or don’t like the people you are running into here, maybe this forum isn’t for you. It’s a great big Internet and we all have different personalities. We don’t want to see you go, but we don’t want a bunch of chaos either.
2. There are threads titled PG. If you want to talk “adult talk” please title your thread accordingly, no sex talk. There is a time and a place for everything, we aren’t totally strait-laced around here, but we like a little warning before getting hit with the profanities. However, some content will just plain not be tolerated. Racist remarks, images of obscenities, outright offensive remarks,sexual content and anything promoting illegal activities will be deleted immediately and could lead to being banned.
3. It is best NOT to include any personal information in your posts. Things like email addresses and phone numbers, if you want to share with another member of the community just PM them, but don’t include it in a public post. This forum is open to the public so any number of lurkers could have access to the information you include in a post.
4. Please don’t take on the job of moderator yourself. If a post is in violation of any of these guidelines please just report the post using the “Report Post” link on the bottom right hand corner of each and every post. One of the moderators will take appropriate action when this is done.

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