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Miss Oops Products Reviews

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Miss Oops Products Reviews

Post by Scatter_Brain on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:22 pm

About Miss Oops:

"At Miss Oops, we have developed affordable, must-have beauty products and accessories to alleviate your everyday blunders. If you are searching for an anti-aging facial cream that protects and enhances firmness in skin, try “Headshot.” Perhaps your prince charming loves those locks and lashes, try our new line of Beauty Oops Products. From cleavage covers to silicone breast enhancers, we’ve got your fashion oops covered, either way! The Miss Oops’ brand formulates lifesaving tools for every woman’s handbag, regardless of age.
The mission of Miss Oops is to provide affordable solution-oriented products for all types of beauty dilemmas and avoidable fashion faux pas for women everywhere, including you!"
~Miss Oops Website


We all have that shirt that we just love to wear, but the fact that it exposes our lower back and sometimes even our butt-crack when we bend over or sit down in our low-rise jeans makes us unable to wear it. JAKs helps us ladies out and gives us the ability to comfortably wear our favorite shirts again! Jaks is worn over jeans and under tops, much like a shirt extender. It gives the appearance of being a lacy camisole layered underneath your shirt when in reality, it is an awesome way to cover up butt-crack and muffin tops.

This product does a great job of keeping me covered, although I think I chose a size that was a little bit too big for me. I did have a slight problem with it either riding up on me or sliding down occasionally. I think that if it was a little bit tighter it wouldn't have moved around on me quite as much.

Chicken Cutlets Reusable silicone breast inserts:

These silicone breast inserts are perfect to perk your girls up and add some cleavage without having to go under the knife. They will increase your bosom by 1 full cup size. Just insert them under your breasts inside your bra. They are soft, lightweight and feel and look natural. Although, I would not recommend wearing them if you know that you will be doing lots of excessive moving like running because they may slip out of place.

Mishap Tape: Double-sided Apparel Tape:

This double-sided apparel tape works perfectly! I use it for holding together those blouses that gape open between buttons (don't ya just hate when that happens?) and keeping my bra strap out of sight when I wear wide neck tops. This fabric friendly tape repairs hanging hems, closes gaping blouses, keeps peek-a-boo bra straps in place, and prevents plunging necklines from revealing too much. Miss Oops Mishap Tape is hypoallergenic so you can wear it against your skin and is packaged with 36 strips in two widths. Sold in packs of 36. I keep a few strips in my purse at all times because you never know when you're going to have a wardrobe malfunction and these strips are perfect for those unexpected moments!

Rescue Sponge: Deodorant Removing Sponge:

This is the original deodorant removing sponge. The Rescue Sponge, an inexpensive, oops-proofing tool, immediately removes deodorant marks and powdery stains from your favorite blouse. You know the scenario, you get all dressed up to go out hoping to look your best and suddenly realize that you've got a deodorant stain on your clothes or that you somehow managed to get make-up on your collar. Not being able to get those stains off your clothes, you end up having to change into something else. Not anymore! Just briskly rub the dry sponge against the offending mark (no need to wet your clothes) and watch it disappear. It really does work....I am soo impressed with this product!

Pedicure in a Bottle:

Cracked heels? Rough feet? This is the product for you! Apply twice a day until you can feel the difference - then once a day for maintenance. Miss Oops Pedicure in a Bottle does a wonderful job of keeping my feet moisturized and hydrated. When I first started using it, my feet were somewhat dry around my heels, but not really bad or cracked, but they didn't feel soft they way I wanted them to feel. In the beginning, I used Pedicure in a Bottle in the morning and before bed. I have noticed a considerable difference in the smoothness of my feet. They look refreshed and feel soft again so now I just use it at night before bed to maintain the softness and I LOVE it!

You can connect with Miss Oops on their website,
Facebook and Twitter.

Guidelines and Disclosure
FREE product was provided to facilitate this review. No monetary compensation was received. My product review is my honest opinion and is not reviewed or edited by BodyMedia. Due to the new FTC rules, I was under no obligation to review any product if I so choose, Nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review or sponsor a product giveaway in return for the FREE product/s received.
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Re: Miss Oops Products Reviews

Post by honiiberrii on Sat Feb 16, 2013 4:50 pm

Oh my...This is like a womans must have kit!!! What a bunch of great items. I am definately going to have to look into the JAKs cuz I just LOOOOVE my tank tops and well frankly my they don't really love to cover that area the best! haha.
Thanks so much for the wonderful info!!!!


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