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Rev360 for iPad 2 Review and Coupon Code

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Rev360 for iPad 2 Review and Coupon Code

Post by Scatter_Brain on Sat Oct 13, 2012 12:30 pm

I was given the opportunity by Hub Innovations to review the Rev360 in Digital Desert Camo for the iPad2. I really like the idea of this case. It has a one size fits all hand strap that makes holding the iPad easy and more comfortable for your hands. And a ridge that goes down both sides that allows for more comfortable grip as well as offering tabletop stability. It has a rotating disk that allows you to rotate the iPad easily for your best viewing experience. I like how the rotating disk conforms to the mold of my hand while I'm holding the iPad. The cover rotates around the hand disk allowing you to position your iPad at 36 points.
I feel like the iPad is somewhat difficult to hold comfortably, but with the Rev360, I no longer have that problem!

The Rev360 is extremely durable. It is made from molded polyurethane, material tough enough for skateboard wheels, that takes tons of abuse without scuffing. It is designed really well, fits the iPad perfectly and feels great in my hands. It has open access to all the ports and the camera.

The Rev360 comes in an assortment of really cool colors. You can pick from solid colors or different print colors such as:

The Digital Camo:

The Badlands Print:

The Carbon Print:

I would definitely recommend th Rev360 to anyone who wants peace of mind that their iPad is protected as well as comfort in holding it. You can buy yours online at Hub Enter this code MU_360 to receive your 15% off coupon! Limit one per user.
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Re: Rev360 for iPad 2 Review and Coupon Code

Post by betlou on Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:38 pm

that sounds great. It sure is nice. I like the Digital Desert Camo for the iPad2 most of all. Sure would love to have one of these, will have to check it out. thanks for the review scatterbrain.

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