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Little One Books Review with FREE OFFER

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Little One Books Review with FREE OFFER

Post by Litlbel on Sat Nov 05, 2011 1:08 am

Having two children of my own I know that books are an incredibly important part of a child's education, from very early months and years of their life to grown teenager years. Anyone can watch tv or a movie but reading a book is something you can get lost in and have a whole new adventure come to your mind.
Everyone has a favorite book from their past. Help your child have that same experience that you did when you were young.

Check out my Review/Free Offer from Little One Books. A perfect site where you can find all sorts of books for your children to enjoy. Little One Books offers more then just books, they have age appropriate music and videos. Plus Art prints from some of the wonderful books designed by Fabiola Reina, Graphic Designer and Photographer of Little One Books

The site is VERY user friendly. Each book is hand selected by the wonderful team at Little One Books and with every book you can see WHY? it was chosen for that age group.

All music cd's from Little One Books are matched with the youngest appropriate listener in mind.
Like all books every Cd shows Why? it was chosen for the age group. Each Cd also includes a Song List and a description about the music.

I find Little One Books site very easy to navigate and learn more about what i am selecting.

With the Holidays approaching very fast how about Gift Bundles?
Find a perfect combination of products.
The price of each bundle includes gift wrapping and a festive ribbon and gift card.

For my Review any Sampletrain Member wishing to Order from Little One Books Will receive a special offer of: Buy Any 2 Little One Books products and get a free CD.
The FREE CD Mozart for Babies ~ You can help your baby make its way through the music with the sound and expression of your voice. Rocking your baby gently to the rhythm of the music will help the baby relax and fall asleep. Since babies also enjoy movement, swaying your baby to the music will create a soothing atmosphere. Music can provide new emotional connections for both you and your baby.
Just purchase ANY Two Books and enter MOZART at checkout. Your FREE CD will be added to your order.
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